Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wet Behind the Web Optimizing Ears

Let's just say it has become my full time job just to build a website and try to get it optimized so that people can find us. Who knew? I so-naively-thought that I would purchase a domain, work on building the site and in a short matter of time I would be able to "google" myself and voila there we would be. This is NOT the case.

So, here I sit...weeks later, spending all morning working on my brand new BLOG, a must-have and one of hundreds of steps towards getting your site recognized. On my desk to help me along are a vast array of library books on blogging, website optimization and marketing books. I have found that my minor in marketing is now totally useless because the knowledge I obtained focused on a time before marketing revolved around facebook, twitter (oh that reminds me-get twitter account next) blogs, search engine optimization, keywords, etc. So now, not only am I trying to give myself a quick education on the subject, I am literally spending hours a day trying to implement all of my lessons.

Okay, sorry, I really don't mean to complain (though the venting feels good)! I know once I get over all these hurtles I should have something worthwhile and potentially very helpful to growing my business. But I had to share my surprise at how truly complicated this whole thing is. And maybe it's a good thing no one knows about my site yet, I 'm too busy with all this to have time to do any design work!!

P.S. visit us we need the hits!
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  1. I welcome any suggestions on how to make this process easier!! thanks