Saturday, January 7, 2012

Cheese Monster Stalks Customers at Walmart...

Andrew had to draw this to capture the image since we didn't have our wits about us in the moment to capture an actual photo.

Anyway, we are dashing through Walmart (the only way I can handle shopping there in the rare occurrence that I have to). In our search for lotion we turn the corner and our eyes are bombarded with the vision of this woman with her walmart smock and her Cheesehead hat. I mean, lets get real, at almost any turn in walmart are you bound to see something amazing, but this was just too much and Andrew could not control himself. I naturally try to push him ahead and we scurry down the aisle and get out of sight as soon as we can only to turn another corner to see that she has moved over there, again the hysterical outburst of Andrew only makes me start laughing this time and again we exit only to run into her again a few more aisles away.

It was a real scene!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wet Behind the Web Optimizing Ears

Let's just say it has become my full time job just to build a website and try to get it optimized so that people can find us. Who knew? I so-naively-thought that I would purchase a domain, work on building the site and in a short matter of time I would be able to "google" myself and voila there we would be. This is NOT the case.

So, here I sit...weeks later, spending all morning working on my brand new BLOG, a must-have and one of hundreds of steps towards getting your site recognized. On my desk to help me along are a vast array of library books on blogging, website optimization and marketing books. I have found that my minor in marketing is now totally useless because the knowledge I obtained focused on a time before marketing revolved around facebook, twitter (oh that reminds me-get twitter account next) blogs, search engine optimization, keywords, etc. So now, not only am I trying to give myself a quick education on the subject, I am literally spending hours a day trying to implement all of my lessons.

Okay, sorry, I really don't mean to complain (though the venting feels good)! I know once I get over all these hurtles I should have something worthwhile and potentially very helpful to growing my business. But I had to share my surprise at how truly complicated this whole thing is. And maybe it's a good thing no one knows about my site yet, I 'm too busy with all this to have time to do any design work!!

P.S. visit us we need the hits!
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